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I just wanted to put in a quick entry here about a company called Amazonas and their level of customer service.

Now, Amazonas are a German company that sell a variety of hammock type products and stands, including some for babies, for which we were lucky enough to be given.  However not all was well….

Like a kid at Christmas I couldn’t wait to put the stand together and see what it was like.  Bouncer chairs and swings and stuff you see all the time but not a baby hammock.  So the frame went up and I clipped the top of the hammock on and went to attach it at the bottom but it wouldn’t reach.  Strange I thought.  So I unclipped the top and clipped it to the bottom in case it made a difference and still no cigar.  Looking at the box and the instructions I realised there was something wrong with the bottom tether, it looked incomplete like it was only half the cord or had been cut or something.

So I went on their website to look for contact information and see that it’s a list of personnel and their titles.  Oh, I thought, who shall I pick?  Looking for a job title that closely represented what I might have been after, I pinged that person a quick email explaining my predicament.  Now, here isn’t where the good customer service was.  I never received a reply.  I left it a few weeks and still nothing and now, do you email the same person as before or pick a different one?  Well I decided to go different and pick Uli, the MD and CEO of the company basically saying I’d emailed previously and wondered if he could point me in the right direction.  After writing it out, I did then notice a general info@ email address but wanted to press on so just copied that address in too for good measure.

Well this time I got a reply straight away from Uli!  A couple of emails went back and forth with a little picture of the part I was after and the great news is he managed to find one!  Even though they don’t actually stock it as a spare part, they happened to have one laying around and so he offered to send it out. When I asked about picking up the cost for the part and delivery, I received a demand for £1,238,668!  I know what you’re thinking, are you sure they’re German to have a sense of humour?  Four days later, the piece of rope to attach to the bottom of the hammock arrived, free of charge of course, and it’s great!

I know most people would expect the damaged item to be replaced for free but sometimes it’s the nice personal touches and the interactions that make a good experience, not just the fact a company met and sometimes exceeded your expectations and in return, perhaps we should give those companies more credit than they perhaps receive.

Thank you Uli and Amazonas.

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