So, we had a knock on the door yesterday morning and it was the very nice lady from Arbonne to tell us ‘we’ (officially Laura) had won a prize at the BabyTodd show last month and presented us with this goodie bag!

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The Baby Show

On Sunday, we went to The Baby Show at Olympia, London.  I’ve made previous comments expecting it to be carnage.  I wasn’t wrong.

Thousands of adults, some more pregnant than others, hundreds of kids and buggies and more than a few handfuls really young ones.  It was busy.

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Week 22

We made it to the aubergine (or eggplant if you’re a NorthAmerican or Australian reader)!


It’s all going rather fast and I am very much not in control.  Laura seems to be, which is great as she’s the one it’s all happening to, but I am just a  passenger on this crazy ride.

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The Big Cat Sanctuary Weekend

Laura and I do get the opportunity to do some very cool stuff and I think this is definitely up there with the coolest.

The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent do some great work in the conservation of endangered big cats (and some smaller ones too) and they also offer various experiences and tours as well as an overnight lodge stay which is what Laura and I had the pleasure of doing.

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My Birthday Present – Kevin Bridges

So 6 months after the fact, last night I was able to have my birthday present.  A trip to the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith to see Kevin Bridges.  There is a funny story behind this in that Laura and I have been lucky enough to go to a sporting event, a concert and a musical theatre of some kind each year.  At the start of the year, we had the conversation about who / what is left that we’d like to see and I said Keven Bridges.  Little did I know, Laura had already bought the tickets for my birthday.  She is good you know.

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