Choose Your Own Adventure.

I grew up in the 80’s. I remember the Knightmare books where you’d start at page 1 and at the end of that page there were two choices. That first choice will set you on a path forwards and backwards between the covers on a non-linear journey and would have multiple endings if you wanted a ‘do-over’. Bandersnatch on Netflix is a modern version of this on video format.

This is how I see, and will probably approach, parenting. However…

I’ve never had faith in my decision making. Even back then I would read through several choices before finally selecting the way I wanted to go when I had no more fingers to bookmark the pages. Unfortunately I won’t have this luxury in parenthood and even worse, I won’t necessarily know the result of my decisions for many many years to come.

Obviously I have made some good decisions – I wouldn’t be at this point in my life and writing this blog if I hadn’t made some very hard, some very easy good decisions – but still, I question whether what I am doing (and what I am currently buying for Pod) is right.

At the end of the day, I have a steep learning curve to go through in terms of development to be the Dad I want to be. Learning from mistakes. Learning from friends and family’s mistakes. Learning from Twitter Parents too who post some of the most outrageous things online that will either make you cringe or laugh, sometimes both at the same time!

With up to 7 weeks left to go, we’re now within 50 days of Pod making his or her arrival and it’s getting real!

Why don’t you share one of your parenting mistakes?

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