Mmmmmm – A ‘chocoholics’ dream

So, yesterday Laura and I went into London to take part in a chocolate experience for her birthday.  This was with MyChocolate (Web / Instagram) and was their ‘Luxury Chocolate Making’ workshop.

When i bought this for Laura, she wasn’t pregnant.  The allure of prosecco and chocolate martinis drew me in to this experience rather than some of the others on offer.  Oh dear.

Greeted by John (very funny and engaging host) whilst Davis was busy making up the chocolate, there were two tables of 8 for mixed bookings, generally some celebratory reason, and two tables reserved for a couple of hen parties, making for about 30-35 of us in total for the 2.5 hour session.  John gave us an overview of what to expect before going on to demonstrate how we were going to make (and share the responsibility between all table members) our chocolate martinis.  Not something either of us have done before but will definitely be trying again!  As a note, they do make up a non-alcoholic version for those not partaking in the alcoholic variety.

Whilst enjoying said martinis, we then tried our hand at making some chocolate slabs, both milk and dark chocolate options on offer, with a variety of flavoured oils to add such as orange, peppermint and ginger.  For me, the choice was easy, dark chocolate with ginger whereas Laura decided to go with orange.  Simple but fun!

Used martini glasses where then swapped out for prosecco glasses – apparently better served this way due to the bitterness of the martini compared to the sweet prosecco.  Again, elderflower was offered as a non-alcoholic alternative.  John went on to demonstrate how to make the ganache to form the basis of our truffles and the different techniques to pipe and decorate these yummy balls of chocolate.  Time to get messy!  All the while Davis was making more chocolate and cleaning up after us.  By all accounts, they do swap roles, however I can imagine we had the best combination with John certainly coming across as a slightly more engaging personality.

Cocoa powder, strawberry flakes, coconut, berry dust, honeycombe, sea salt, chocolate dipping was all on offer, only limited by your creativity.

Laura made up the ganache, i piped, we both decorated to our hearts content, including some marshmallows and fudge slabs that you could also include if you hadn’t eaten already.

A second helping of prosecco was offered whilst balls were rolled, dipped and sprinkled with love – definitely not a day to wear white if you were going out afterwards!

Once time was called on the fun and the truffles were left to set for a few minutes, John went on to explain more about chocolate, where it came from, the manufacturing process and even had some more chocolate for tasting as well as being there to answer any questions we might have had.

The experience finishes by boxing / bagging up the delights that hadn’t been eaten as you went along.  All in all, just under three hours was spent and it really is a great experience if you like chocolate and I am very glad, even though Laura couldn’t indulge fully, that this is the one I picked.

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