My Birthday Present – Kevin Bridges

So 6 months after the fact, last night I was able to have my birthday present.  A trip to the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith to see Kevin Bridges.  There is a funny story behind this in that Laura and I have been lucky enough to go to a sporting event, a concert and a musical theatre of some kind each year.  At the start of the year, we had the conversation about who / what is left that we’d like to see and I said Keven Bridges.  Little did I know, Laura had already bought the tickets for my birthday.  She is good you know.

Planning a trip to London has changed for us since becoming pregnant.  Normally we’d just hop on a train, go here there and everywhere either by foot or tube and do what we wanted to do.  But since Laura’s morning sickness still hasn’t subsided, we have been tending to drive up into town.  This has been made a whole lot easier by using Parkopedia – it’s marvellous!  Type in where you’re going and it will show you all the car parks, streets and associated times and charges in that area.   So for the Apollo, we drove to Turnham Green, got a free parking space a few minutes walk from the underground station and then just hopped on the tube 3 stops to Hammersmith.  I chose Turnham Green rather than Hammersmith itself based on the delightfully honest guidance on the Eventim Apollo site, “The Eventim Apollo does not have any parking spaces and we would advise all customers not to drive and park in the surrounding areas due to it being mostly residential. Please also note that theft from cars in the area is high, so again it is advisable not to park in the vicinity of the venue.

Once at Hammersmith, we needed some dinner.  In the station there are lots of eateries but we picked Leon and had a Chicken and Chorizo rice box which was really rather good.  However, just around the corner was Pod which is another healthy food joint – we missed a trick there.

Into the Apollo we go, plenty full and grab a couple of drinks and some chocolate for dessert and find our seats in the circle.   The view was very good and the sound really clear.  The support act was very funny and whilst people tried to find their seats, we even had time for a selfie before the main event.

Then the main man himself came on, had us laughing throughout with some very good observational humour I think they call it – I wont give any spoilers for anybody who is going – and he was on stage for just over an hour and a half I’d say.

Getting back to the car was a breeze as most people were going eastbound rather than westbound so the train was empty and a nice walk to the car in the cool fresh air.  It was rather warm in the Apollo. 

So there you go, one off the list of people to see live and worth the wait.  Now, who or what to see next?

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