So, nappies… Let’s go there shall we?

There are many different types and brands – where do you even start to choose?

Disposables, biodegradable disposable, reusable onesa, half and half and I think even Terry towelling ones are still available?

I’m pretty confident when it comes to nappies, they don’t scare me.  Disposables are easy.  Even my first experience of using a reusable one on a wriggling two year old went well-ish.  I don’t think I’d get on with towelling ones but I also don’t think they’re on the table for us to use.

I didn’t know biodegradable nappies were a thing until visiting the baby shows and they do sound good.  They’re just like normal nappies but the benefits being typically less chemicals apparently and whereas a normal nappy will be around for a few hundred years, these are only around for a few years.  That’s gotta be worth an extra few quid right?

The reusable ones could still be an option, especially if we’re at home or somewhere you can get rid of whatever is inside easily.  I’m torn with the reusable aspect though.  I get they’re environmentally friendly because nothing is going to landfill but there is the energy required for the extra washing etc right?

Half and half could be an option too.  A reusable outer that you can use either reusable or disposable inners.

So, which ones do you use and why?  Add a comment below.

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