Paternity Leave

Well I’m glad I checked my company’s HR policy today as you have to declare what paternity leave you want to take before getting to the 15 weeks to go stage.  That’s this coming Friday in time for the 22nd Feb due date!

So I have to make the decision pretty sharpish about whether I take just one week off or two.  The first would be fully paid and the second would be at the current statutory rate.

The upside is my annual leave renews in April so I am taking leave then regardless of my paternity choice which relives a little pressure but will I have the feeling of missing out for those four weeks in between rather than just three?

I know I’m going to want to be there to support Laura and obviously be with Pod.

What have been your experiences between taking one or two weeks?  Did you take more or less even?  From a new dad’s perspective, what constructive advice might you have?


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