So, we had a knock on the door yesterday morning and it was the very nice lady from Arbonne to tell us ‘we’ (officially Laura) had won a prize at the BabyTodd show last month and presented us with this goodie bag!

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The Baby Show

On Sunday, we went to The Baby Show at Olympia, London.  I’ve made previous comments expecting it to be carnage.  I wasn’t wrong.

Thousands of adults, some more pregnant than others, hundreds of kids and buggies and more than a few handfuls really young ones.  It was busy.

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Being a Dad

So, I am starting to worry whether I am underestimating being a Dad, certainly in the early stages.

I’m not talking about the practical side like changing nappies or the sleep deprivation, but the deep down feelings and instincts that drive being a Dad, and hopefully a good one.

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Week 22

We made it to the aubergine (or eggplant if you’re a NorthAmerican or Australian reader)!


It’s all going rather fast and I am very much not in control.  Laura seems to be, which is great as she’s the one it’s all happening to, but I am just a  passenger on this crazy ride.

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