What is Pod doing this week?

Friday mornings have become my favourite mornings as Friday is the start of Pod’s new week.

Before getting out of bed, we now have a routine to check a couple of apps to see what Pod will be getting up to over the next 7 days.  One app, Pregnancy + (Android / Applealso gives some insight for the pregnant half and even for the non-pregnant half, whilst What to Expect (Android / Apple) has a nice little video summary to watch.

Today marks the start of week 16.  I won’t go into detail about the content, although I have now learned what a ‘quart’ is after being told Pod is pumping 25 of them in blood around the body a day.

However, what I will go on to say is that spending those 5 minutes extra in bed makes me feel so much more involved in what is happening.  I can’t begin to imagine what it feels like to grow a human and I am never going to experience it.  Those snippets of information help me understand everything that Laura is achieving and that insight could prove invaluable to be as supportive as I can be as a partner.  Some of it Laura will tell me.  Some, she might not think to tell me.  But the stuff that is unknown to both of us, allowing us to learn and grow together, is what makes this as shared as it can be – and what couple doesn’t want to share as much as possible?

Past and Present

10 weeks ago today, my new(ish) wife and I returned from our honeymoon.
10 weeks ago today, my life was going to change forever.
10 weeks ago today, the test said ‘Positive’.

Those 10 weeks have gone by in a flash and now 15 weeks pregnant, we have already spend a few quid on ‘stuff’ for the baby and I’ve decided to explore blogging for the first time to write about the experiences of the expecting father and everything that ensued from that day Laura high-fived me, literally seconds after peeing on a stick.

As with our relationship in general, we don’t hang about. As the saying goes, “when you know, you know”, so we’ve always had the habit of doing whatever felt right at the time. Not even the test took the 3 minutes as advertised on the box to deliver the news!