Toodl-oodl-ooo wah wah wah…

One of the most famous theme tunes ever.

Think Western.  Think cowboys.  Think Clint Eastwood.  Still haven’t got it?  No, I’m not surprised either but I won’t give the game away for those who still want to guess in the comments.

But that is what I was whistling when Pod full on gave my hand a thump!  I felt my first kick!

What a feeling!  Laura has been going on about Pod dancing for weeks now and we’ve been playing music and talking to the bump.  Even if there’s been movement before, as soon as I’ve put my hand on the belly, it’s stopped.

Yesterday afternoon whilst waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 to install I was getting into full cowboy mode, whistling the theme tune and striding around the house like I’d lost my horse when Laura said she’d felt Pod do a jig.  So I sat down, head by the bump and hand on whilst still whistling and I got a full on kick… Or push… Or headbutt… Who knows but it was definite and it took me by surprise.  I haven’t actually been expecting to feel anything yet, I mean she or he is still rather small, and obviously Laura is going to feel more with it being inside her, but at 23 and a half weeks, I’ve had my first interaction with my baby.

It makes me smile now, even writing this I’ve got a massive grin on my face.

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