Week 25

We are very quickly burning through the weeks and nearing the 100 day countdown!  Week 25 is now upon us and it’s been an emotional few days already.

Friday started with the usual app catch up – a papaya is now the closest fruit according to one.  Who even knows what a papaya is?!  Although Bounty UK suggests a grapefruit – slightly more relatable.

Saturday was a rather lovely day with the sibling in-laws and nephew.  At 10 months old, signs of things to come and look forward to.  Cuteness personified!

Today, November 11th 2018 was a special day to commemorate the 100 years since the end of the First World War.  Being at the remembrance service was an emotional start to the day and I assumed Laura’s tears were due to the feelings however when she admitted not feeling Pod move for nearly 24 hours during the service, we had to leave.  We had to check everything was ok.  Pod has been a wriggly baby for weeks now so this was unusual.  Even the midwife on the phone said it sounded unusual given how Pod has been since she’s been involved so she called the maternity ward ahead of our arrival.

Trying not to panic, to stay calm and to reassure Laura is so difficult when you don’t know and can’t tell what is going on.  I’ve got no control over what’s happening.  I have no insight into this as I’ve never been there before.  As is a case a lot of the time, laughter is the best medicine so the journey to the hospital was as light hearted as we could make it.

The midwife was fantastic, calm and professional, already being aware of what was going on. Some checks and a doppler later and the relief that washed over Laura, over us both, as we could hear the du-dum of the little heartbeat brought more tears.  Typically back in the car afterwards, there was a shift and the usual kicking resumed.  Pod will never realise the trouble she caused today.  Unless she reads this of course.

Our day was brought to a close after one last house visit.  To collect my latest Facebook marketplace purchase.  A tripp trapp highchair, complete with baby accessories and even a tray.  Something we’d decided on pretty early on and so was really pleased to find this particular listing and a nice way to end the weekend.

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a worry, definitely got to be a ‘she’ causing all that trouble; so pleased everything’s ok!! And hope you both are. My heart sank.

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